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- - By Apocalypse (Omnigod) Date 2011-07-21 00:30
Greetings all!

The DC Football 2011 pool is now open for registration!
The Draft is scheduled online for SATURDAY Aug 27 at 9:00pm EDT (6pm PDT).
Make SURE you can ATTEND the draft if you're going to sign up!

The rules and positions are much the same as last year, and there are currently 7 confirmed returning players with either 3 or 5 open spots remaining.
(We will need exactly 3 or 5 to make a league of 10 or 12 -- anything else won't work.)

If you are interested, email me before August 20th to play ONLY if you meet the following criteria:
  a) You know NFL football.
  b) You understand the concept of Fantasy Football.
  c) You are prepared to regularly maintain your team throughout the season regardless of your record.

REMEMBER: first come, first served in the order you email me and EVERY win (no matter where you are in the standings) earns you prizes!

IMPORTANT: when you contact me to join the league, indicate which email address I should send the league invitation to as this will be your league email throughout the season.

Apoc's Email: (note that the email doesn't seem to be working well lately, so use this one).

Parent - - By Apocalypse (Omnigod) Date 2011-08-03 22:43
We have our full roster for this season.
Thanks to everyone who joined/rejoined.


PS - The pick'em pool will be open soon and have its usual unlimited number of entries available.
Parent - - By Elder (Implementor) Date 2011-08-04 10:37
Only 10 teams this year? And I love how the schedule works so that I gotta play you the first week :P
Parent - By Apocalypse (Omnigod) Date 2011-08-06 12:27
I don't make the schedule my friend -- randomly generated. ;)
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